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International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)

Project Description

This report documents key activities IAVI worked on in 2012 related to research and development, policy and advocacy, and country-level and global programs.

Creatrix Design Group met requirements that included a clean and modern look, as well as large, strong infographics and charts. The cover the photo was chosen with careful consideration. After noticing that the individual’s scarf was knotted in the AIDS Red Ribbon fashion, the photo was enlarged and manipulated to stand out. The background was edited out, allowing for the image to gain focus, and to help achieve the clean, yet strong cover design. A visual timeline was created to quickly identify the organization’s achievements. Typography and illustrations were used to communicate data in order to convey important information at a glance. In support of the publication, an “at-a-glance” summary view of the highlighted items as well as a website with detailed information was developed.

Both websites can be found here:
Summary: Annual Report Summary
Full detailed text: Annual Report HTML

Accompanying the HTML website is the full print version of the report, provided in web-ready PDF and in print.
View the online publication here: IAVI Advancing AIDs Vaccine Development

iavi project photo iavi project photo iavi project photo iavi project photo

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